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Geelong Bridge Club

Geelong Swiss Teams Restricted

This is a teams event.
At least four players, and up to six, are required.
For each player, enter their ABF number wherever possible.
This will result in the least confusion.

Failing that, enter the player's surname, or part thereof, and,
possibly, the player's first name, or part thereof, and we will
endeavour to find the player.
Player 1 Player 1 ABF Number
Player 1 First Name
 Player 1 Surname
Player 2 Player 2 ABF Number
Player 2 First Name
 Player 2 Surname
Player 3 Player 3 ABF Number
Player 3 First Name
 Player 3 Surname
Player 4 Player 4 ABF Number
Player 4 First Name
 Player 4 Surname
Player 5 Player 5 ABF Number
Player 5 First Name
 Player 5 Surname
Player 6 Player 6 ABF Number
Player 6 First Name
 Player 6 Surname
Entry to the event will cost $50.00 per player