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For many years the Victorian Bridge Association (VBA) has administered bridge in the state as well as its own, club, affairs. As explained in VBA newsletters and elsewhere, times have changed and the current system of governance is under review. There are over 50 affiliated clubs in Victoria and their members have different objectives. Some want to represent Victoria and Australia, some enjoy weekend congresses, and many play simply for enjoyment and company.

The VBA and the Federation of Affiliated Bridge Clubs of Victoria (FABCV) have agreed that Victoria's governance needs to be reviewed and redesigned so that the different interests of all clubs and players are represented and effectively pursued. 

The ABF has authorised the creation of an Interim Committee to undertake the review and make recommendations.

The Interim Committee (IC) was established at the end of 2009 .   A strong theme is that all clubs and players should be informed and be able to comment; this is the motivation for building this web site.  Please get involved by clicking on some of the links below.

Note that following the meeting held on the 16th June, we have put back the date for return of responses from clubs until the end of August, as the requisite materials have not yet been circulated. We have been reluctant to send anything until we are satisfied it is in the best possible state.

This website will be updated as information becomes available; most recently in July 2012.

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Contact us Who is on the Interim Committee?
Some static documents Announcements, Terms of Reference, Interim Committee minutes etc.
The constitution A constitution is being considered.
Financial A financial plan for Bridge Victoria is to be developed.
Promotion and Teaching To be developed.
Match and Tournament A particular concern is enabling the full participation of country players in state events and selections.

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