Interim Committee: Terms of Reference       8/10/2009


The Interim Committee (henceforth the IC) will make its recommendations to the Victorian clubs and to the ABF. The recommendations will be presented to all clubs for approval. When the recommendations have been accepted (with or without amendment) by a majority of clubs an election for the new State body will take place.


The IC is charged with investigating all aspects of reform in governance of Bridge in Victoria. The objective is to formulate a firm proposal for reform, and options for implementation, and a process for implementation, of that reform.  The IC must actively seek input from all stakeholders, including metropolitan and country clubs, regions, private (for profit) clubs, and the large number of non-affiliated clubs, social groups, and players.

The areas to be covered in its review will include, but not be limited to:



The Interim Committee shall comprise a chair and 8 ordinary members. Other offices and office-bearers may be identified.

The officers will be elected by the IC from its members.

Additional members may be co-opted where necessary.

Funding of the IC

The IC shall be funded jointly by the FABCV and the VBA, possibly from the 'Future Bridge' fund and/or the ABF. It is expected the demand for funds will be limited to travel expenses, possible meal costs for extended meetings, and some paper and postage expenses.

Required capabilities and experience

Committee members should have sufficient time at their disposal to attend meetings, and a willingness to take on the tasks outlined in this document.


The IC should consider regular reports to stakeholders, as outlined earlier, informing them of progress.

A progress report should be made available to all relevant stakeholders after not later than 3 months of deliberations. This report should include a statement of the target completion date for the IC's work.

It is recognised that during the IC's deliberations areas that are not covered in these Terms of Reference may arise. These TOR are guidelines only and changes in the IC's brief may be necessary.


The IC will disband after the first election of the new State body, unless its life is extended by agreement of all parties.

No member of the IC is prevented from standing for election to the new State body.