Interim Committee Meeting

7th March 2011

Present: Quentin Van Abbe,[QVA], Stephen Weisz [SW], Clive Hope [CH], Yvonne Minton [YM], Arthur Robbins [AR], Doug Lavers (DL), Jan Hackett (JH), Jenny Thompson (JT), Arthur Robbins (AR)


Meeting opened: 2 pm

Minutes: QVA apologised for the lack of minutes from the previous meeting

General business:

Meeting with VBA

YM: the VBA was supposed to have transparency but this did not seem to be happening.

JH: Interim Committee's role was not to to plan specific programs. It should be involved but primarily IC members were on sub-committees to look at process.

SW: we should forget tagging things as IC or VBA – the state is looking for a long-term plan.

JT: step forward to have representatives on the subcommittees, but a little unclear on times and progress.

QVA & SW: the joint meeting was good and it was good to get everyone together for an exchange of views and ideas.

DL: joint meeting quite positive

CH: commented on inadequacy of VBA minutes, and felt that full minutes should be available.

JT: not necessary to have verbatim minutes, and sensitive material needed to be withheld. It was also felt that locals were reading the VBA minutes to find possible things to use against VBA, so some things were deliberately withheld.

AR: have contact with Simon Hinge for M&TC. Concerned that representation on VBA Council should include more representatives from Metro clubs.

QVA: trying to resolve issues – still remains to be seen if can operate underVBA banner. Seems that VBA not keen for separate body. Might be resolved by possible change to Constitution to increase representation, not by invitation, but by regional vote. Most clubs wanted to play and get master points, but they needed to see what additional things they will get for their money.

Independent clubs were not currently represented. Previous representatives on VBA council had to be a members. It was unsatisfactory that people are "invited" to be on the Council.

In his time on Council he felt the business conducted at the meeting dealt with club and not state issues.

AR: agreed that current representation was unsatisfactory and suggested that one representative from each region, some from Metro clubs, and one from private clubs, ie more non-VBA representatives would balance the Committee. Suggested possibly 6/7 regional reps and 6/7 VBA reps might make a workable group.

QVA: Finance was crucial, and the state may well need more money to run, but the clubs will not give more money because they have no say in how it's spent or why it is needed.

DL: was his personal view that the state needed at least $50,000 working capital.

JT: interim committee needed to work with VBA on this matter. We should plan what any new body should be like, then cost this, rather than work from past costs.

SW: Jeanette Collins was very open and wanted input on these matters.

QVA: he had written to the private clubs asking them to nominate a representative to replace Gary Brown, with no response. The number of new faces getting involved from all clubs is small – clubs should be more active in promoting change.

AR: asked how many private clubs they were [12], and wondered if we could get them together to select a representative.

SW: much more paid for capitation in other sports and state bodies.

QVA: if you want to do something and you are not on a committee, you have no particular reason to complain.

YM: private clubs are only interested in attracting more members.

QVA: many bridge players are not concerned at what happens outside their club – they are happy with the status quo. If fees go up with reason, that would be okay. However if they think the VBA is in charge and won't change, they will not pay additional fees.

SW: tournament directors should outline main competition rules before a competition starts. Furthermore ethics and etiquette should be taught in classes.

JT: a possible way of improving behaviour would be to have a good behaviour month – the nicest person gets a chocolate frog.

AR: if fees went up a wider range of state events would be possible. If you qualify from region, go to state final.

SW: regional results can be skewed – need right format.

CH: this goes with the territory - you need to get people to go to competitions.

AR: regions will play off, with winning team going forward to play-off.

JH: have been comments about "easy – beats", which ignores the fact that on any day it is possible that any team can beat any other.

The D iscussion on the VBA meeting then concluded.

Progress Report:

It was agreed there should be held over until finance, MTC and publicity committees have met.

AR: regional groups will select one team to enter the Pennant final.

QVA: stated that it was quite clear that our March deadline for a general conclusion set at last meeting would not be met. The ABF was meeting today, and no report was sent. QVA undertook to send a report to to the ABF mentioning that outside representatives were joining VBA committees and mentioning that the VBA president was positive and open to change.

CH: asked about the Constitution and transition arrangements. QVA said we could not do anything until we have more information.


JT: submitted her resignation for personal reasons. Committee noted this and thanked her for her efforst and input to the committee. There was some discussion on the bank accounts, one suggestion from which was closing the account and reopening, if changing signatories proved too difficult.

Bank Accounts:

AR moved and CH seconded the following motion:

It was resolved that the signatories to the Interim Committee accounts should be changed to Doug Lavers, Quentin Van Abbe, and Yvonne Minton. If required by the bank, the account should be closed and a new account opened with the above signatories.

Doug Lavers would investigate whether a new account should be opened or the signatories changed directly.

DL & JT arranged payments for travel costs for outside committee members.

ANC Committee:

QVA: we will send a letter to Clubs to ask them to provide people to man the desks, and provide caddies, for the ANC 23rd July to 4th August. They should encourage their members to come along.

Next meeting: To be determined.

Meeting closed: 4 pm