Minutes of the Interim Committee Meeting held 6 March, 2012

Meeting opened: 2:30 p.m.

Present: Q. van Abbe (chair), S. Weisz, C. Hope, Y. Minton, J. Hackett, B. Morgan

Apologies: A. Robbins, C. Parkin

Minutes: minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

Business arising:

Finance: Quentin is arranging a meeting with Neil Ewart.Neil indicated he wanted Stephen and Jenny Thompson to attend, Quentin indicated he would ask Doug Lavers to come.

Quentin haqd spoken to both Neil and Jenny at the Yarra Valley congress, and Jenny had indicated she would consider a return to the IC should the VBA to replace Christine Parkin. Quentin had written to the VBA president asking her whether or not the VBA to make any change.

Chequebook: bank has advised that the current account is a personal one and needs the permission of the original signatories to close it. Quentin to arrange with Geoff Chettle, Jenny Thompson and Doug Lavers to organize the withdrawal of the remaining funds to be put into a new club account.

Letter to clubs: we need to inform all of the clubs of the progress made. Quentin to adapt the latest ABF report. After IC approval, a copy will be sent to all Victorian clubs via post. Stephen noted that the VBA is currently updating the contact list for the clubs.

Guidelines: Quentin has asked Arthur to put together guidelines for a Match and Tournament Committee. Stephen stated that Jenny Thompson has already compiled a set of committee guidelines for the VBA. Arthur to contact.

General Business:

Constitution: Quentin doesn’t believe it is the IC’s job to present a prescriptive constitution. He has looked at the ones used by WA and SA as guidelines. There was a discussion of the voting process. One vote per club was suggested, however, it was pointed out that some clubs have no or very few homeclub members. Stephen felt that one vote for Waverley and the VBA was not enough since they account for 20% of all the players in the state. It was agreed that clubs be asked to choose a regional representative however they liked, the regions to be updated from Jan's latest copy, which is based on advice from the VBA. These representatives might well be the inaugural committee of any new body.

Funding: there was a short discussion with Clive suggesting it be left to the new body to organize funds and sponsorship.

Meeting with regional reps: it was decided that there should be a meeting with the regional reps sometime in June. It is hoped agreement with the plans would be reached at this meeting. This would be followed by a meeting to inaugurate a new body. Stephen pointed out the VBA does not need to consult its members, if terms are acceptable he thought the Council could accept them.

The letter to the clubs will include a list of the regions based on club population.

IC report to ABF: Quentin tabled his latest report for comment. The discussed suggestions and changes will be incorporated and circulated to IC members before the report is sent to the ABF.


Report and letter drafts sent to IC members (Quentin)

Letter sent to clubs including date to respond.

Clubs elect representative

IC meeting with area representatives in June.

Next meeting: To be advised

Meeting closed: 3:35 p.m.