Chair: Geoff Chettle (GC), and Doug Lavers (DL), Gary Brown (GB), Jan Hackett (JH), Jenny Thompson (JT), Arthur Robins (AR), Quentin VanAbbe (QVA), Yvonne Minton(YM)

Apologies : Judy Banks

GC welcomed all to the meeting.

The minutes of meeting 21 February 2010 were passed on the motion of YM, seconded DL, and carried.

Matters arising: deferred to general business

Committee reports –

  1. Financial
    JT now has cheque book and will pay travel expenses.

DL arbitrary model discussed.

Audited VBA figures to September 2009. To be on hold until needed.

State competition largest income. VBA receives commission on red point events run throughout the state.

GC will clarify income with VBA.

  1. Constitution
    Voting: DL favours model 3 – committee of 10/11 persons.

QVA cautions regions may change with variance from 5-10 votes.

One per 100 or part thereof discussed, GB suggested each club 1 vote and larger clubs more additional votes.–

There are probably 1 dozen profit clubs, the rest not-for-profit..

DL & QVA will submit a model for a limited tenure of 3 years – all clubs should be equal – the City to be divided up some way. Rep then sits and casts single vote.

Motion DL, seconded QVA sub-committee creates model with comment from all on a representative regional model, carried. Model to be circulated to members.

  1. Transition Deferred

  1. Promotion and Teaching
    JH – 2007 survey of VBA promotion not moving forward at this stage, VBA to be canvassed on these issues at a later date. This committee feels that there should be an emphasis on promotion and teaching, including proper financial allocation, in the submission to VBA.

  1. Match and Tournament


6 Timetable

(a) GC suggests amendment to constitution should be incorporated into the proposal to be put to VBA.

GC looking at possible changes to VBA constitution.

(b) QVA suggested that if VBA does not agree, the work so far conducted is beneficial to the incorporation of the new body.

(c) VBA AGM end of November – should have proposal in place to be considered at that meeting.

DL away from mid to late April.

7 Webpage

(a) Proposed QVA, seconded YM that webpage ‘member only’ section should have a single password that allows all in – copies of all docs from meetings on that.

(b) All members to have a look at the website, a decision of what is available to clubs to be decided next meeting.

(c) Proposed YM seconded QVA– that when a model is determined and the website is approved, a progress report should be sent to all clubs. Cathy to be asked for a copy of all addresses.


  1. GC was invited to attend AGM of ABF. Invitation was suspended as there was insufficient information to report.

  1. AR delegates to ABF – better not to interfere and endorse Simon to continue his role as ABF delegate.

  1. VBA is looking to get rid of ‘future bridge’ fund by buying machines. QVA members have not yet discussed proposal. There has not been a lot of demands on the fund over the last few years, maybe, to simplify, it would be better to disperse the funds before the new body takes effect. 3 reps from VBA and 3 from FABCV decide on the funds and how dispersed.

IC suggested teaching and promotion was a better avenue for spending those funds.

The meeting closed at 3.30pm. Next meeting Sunday 23 May 2.00 pm