Interim Committee report to ABF 18th February 2012

 The Interim Committee canvassed views on a proposal for reform of  Bridge governance late in 2012 with the 55 clubs affiliated at that  time.
We received 35 responses. 29 expressed approval for the  proposal, some replies indicating conditionality based on a financial  plan being made available at some point.
2 responses said they did not approve and saw no need for change, 1 was somewhat ambiguous as to  which question was being answered with a 'no', while 3 indicated they were undecided.
Several of the remaining 20 indicated verbally they were in favour but failed to provide any written or email response. It seems reasonable to assume those remaining clubs are not concerned what form governance takes, but it is a shame that they did not see fit to give any sort of reply.

 The IC's plan now is to meet with the VBA to discuss the results of the survey and some ideas we understand the VBA is considering specifically to address representation of clubs and club-state finances.

 We wish to advise the ABF of the progress of the matter.